Why Lloyd Charmoise?

We select on traits you cannot see including: lambing ease, speed to suckle, growth rate and hardiness. Adult size, shape and “type” is easy for the buyer to assess themselves 

Poor performers are picked out at 8 and 16 weeks, we do not just “breed and feed” – anything can look good after 18 months of hard feeding!

Low input system – in contrast to most pedigree flocks our Charmoise are expected to manage on less than commercial sheep

Transparent fair pricing off farm – we value the sheep relative to one another and give you the choice, the price is the price. We will not ask more because we think we will get away with it! Several repeat customers have had the confidence to order sheep for delivery without inspection which speaks volumes

New bloodlines: we import semen from high EBV rams from the French genetic evaluation centres

Recording: We are fully Signet recorded and the first to CAT scan Charmoise sheep for meat:fat:bone ratios

We do more than just breed and feed!