Suffolk Mule x Charmoise at Synod Uchaf Farm

“Lambs are vigorous, grow well on little and hit 40 kg at top grades mostly E and U” B. Davies

“I purchased a ram lamb off you two years ago… Mum and Dad are impressed by the lambs and want to try them on their sheep” E. Powell



Glamorgan Welsh x Charmoise lambs from G. Jones take 1st and 2nd Newcastle Emlyn winter fatstock mart


“We bought two rams for Welsh ewes, 1000 feet up we lamb out (late) and the lambs are away, growing like mushrooms” G. Jones



Turkish“Very pleased with the ram, lambs are amazingly fast to their feet, we will be back for another one next year” S. Willet 



“For me, in a commercial situation lambing outside I’m looking for easily born, vigorous lambs that are quick on their feet, persistent when it comes to getting a suck, and are tough despite their smaller birth size. This should give me increased lamb survival and ultimately more profit. On top of that in looking for something that fleshes well on marginal ground and does not drag down the ewe lamb. As a side note, good feet and good shape to lambs. The Rams I bought off you Tom pretty much sum it up. Very little intervention with them or their lambs!” J. Edwards