We have a long running and hard selection policy. In contrast to many ram breeders which give the best of the best in terms of grass leys, roots crops or concentrate feeding our philosophy is to challenge the flock and choose those who do best in these conditions for breeding rather than to provide perfect conditions and breed from the one with the biggest backside! Since 2010 any lamb which needed assistance at birth or assistance to suckle has been marked and removed, in some cases the ewe was removed as well. It was an extremely costly voluntary exercise, however; in 2017 we had 0% assisted lambings with 0% perinatal lamb mortality in the Charmoise flock. We believe that in the long term these policies will give real advantages to the farmer who buys our rams as the offspring are more likely to survive and thrive. Also it will lead to better animal welfare as lamb mortality and disease are likely to be reduced in the 1000s of lambs sired by these rams 

We have been recording data on farm to help us increase certain functional traits in the Charmoise from day one, starting with the simplest of paper records we have now moved across to Signet recording to give purchasers confidence in our data (interestingly they broadly agree with our on-farm choices) Sig 1 Sig2

We are the first flock to make use of CAT scanning to accurately assess an animal’s meat:bone:fat ratio and KO% without having to kill it first (which rather limits breeding potential!) we hope in time to scan more sheep and make more use of this interesting selection tool